Hand-built ceramic sculptures to make you squee with delight

My ceramic creatures are made to be stroked, held, loved; to keep you company on your desk at work – cheering you on when you’re fed up and want to be elsewhere. They’ll snuggle down nearby where you can bid each other a good night’s sleep and dream of being in nature and watching the stars.

I make each one with healing love – which they’re ready to pass to you as you hold them in your hands.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I love mud.

Using mud I sculpt cute, individual critters inspired by the nature and wildlife all around us. Then I fire them to unimaginable temperatures, but all’s well that ends well as I then hand-paint and glaze them, give them some TLC and get them ready to go out in the world to make someone squee.

The Healing Power of Nature

I firmly believe that we’re all connected – the trees, plants, animals, people and environments all around us. We’re all one, part of the same energy.

Looking after our natural world is of vital importance to me, and through my work I hope to get people hands-on and connected with it. Why? So they can feel the healing benefits but through this connection become aware of our impact on nature and what we can do to live in harmony with it.

Sleeping badger ceramic