A Close Encounter of the Wooly Kind

Today I decided to have a walk around Langsett Reservoir. Armed with my camera, pad and pen, I thought I’d see who I might meet.

I saw a beautiful sheep with two growing lambs by the river, communicated that they were safe and that I was going to sit by the river and draw, which I did.

Close Encounter

The mum decided I needed investigating, so she came incredibly close (within touching distance) and so I showed her what I was drawing.


I explained to her that I’m learning how to communicate with animals and she said, “what like the Jungle Book?” She told me that they don’t like the term “bleating,” as it makes them sound like they’re complaining, and they prefer “calling.”

She asked, “why do they put these tags in our ears?” I explained that it was for in case they got lost so that they could be found. I went on to tell her that us humans have tags put in our ears because it’s supposed to make us look nicer.

She seemed happy that I was ok, and went back to lay down with her lambs grazing around her.

It was to be the first of 3 times she would get up, wander over and see how I was getting on.

What a wonderful trusting soul she was x