A Pheasant’s Beautiful Tail (warning of potentially upsetting images)

Last week

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, but I’ve just returned from a walk and felt I needed to share this with you.

So last week I also went on a walk and came across a blackbird’s body laying lifeless at the side of the road amongst the rubbish people throw out of their car windows. I scooped her up and was going to take her home to lay her to rest. During the walk I sat by a tree and watched the stream for a while. As I got up and said to the blackbird, “let’s get you home,” I felt her say – “I am home.” She drew me to the roots of the tree where I’d just been sat, so I gathered her some moss for a pillow and covered her with a blanket of leaves, and left her in the care of the tree.

The morning debonair visitor

I watched my pheasant garden visitor through my office window this morning as he hopped down the steps and stood looking at me through the glass. I wished him good morning and thought he looked like the most debonair of gentlemen. I’m telling you this for a reason, bear with me…

Today’s Walk

Fast forward to my walk today, I was going through the gate from the main road onto a public footpath and found a wonderful pheasant tail feather which I picked up and popped proudly in my rucksack to take home.

Walking further along the footpath, I climbed over the stile, then felt the urge to climb back over it and head towards the main road. I can’t explain why, but knowing to trust my intuition, that’s what I did.

Well walking along the verge I spot the lifeless body of a male pheasant in the road, once again surrounded by people’s rubbish. Just as I’d scooped up the little blackbird the week before, I scooped him up too. I wasn’t leaving him in the road like that.


Now don’t get me wrong, I believe our bodies are just vessels for us whilst we’re in the physical world, and they’re no longer needed (or wanted in a lot of cases!) when we pass on, I hate seeing beautiful creatures discarded amongst man’s rubbish. Having experienced wonderful  synchonicities with the vole I laid to rest last year, I know that spirit watches and appreciates the gesture. Everything is connected with love.

The Tree

I was on the same route as I had been the previous week, so went to sit on the same tree by the stream. There was a single white feather on the roots, and I noticed the blackbird was still resting peacefully there.

For a moment I considered taking the pheasant home to study him closely for my art, and thought I’d be able to properly lay him out, but as I stood to walk home over the bridge, I felt it wasn’t right. So I took him back and lay him gently at the root of the same tree and gave him a blanket of leaves too.

The Mouse

I sat with him for a while before standing up to go back over the bridge when I was stopped in my tracks. There was a little mouse laying on one of the stones of the bridge that I hadn’t seen. So I scooped her up too and placed her by the pheasant and covered her little body with leaves.

The Messages

Now I know people may find this story sad, and some people may even think it morbid or disgusting, but their message was not to be upset by their passing from their physical forms, but to rejoice them in all their wonderous diversity. I for one got to hold beautiful physical forms and appreciate them in all their sleeping beauty, to gently stroke their heads and really connect with them physically in a way I would never get chance to when they were alive because they quite rightly keep their distance from us.

I also take peace from knowing that they were where they were meant to be, as we all are, on our journey together whether physically or spiritually.

Pheasant tail feather