About Me

My love of animals


Having spent all my younger years mothering soft toy bunnies, I eventually had a real one called Swifty. I remember how sweet he was, and loved watching him bounce about the garden, he filled my heart with joy. I used to love stroking his velvety soft ears and found peace whilst doing so.

Then at the age of 8, I started volunteering on an open farm where I had many a strong bond with the animals. I loved being hands-on with them. It was my happy place. Any time I am with an animal, my heart feels happy.

I live on the edge of the Pennines in Yorkshire. I’m lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and all the animals that call it home too. I love nothing more than being surrounded by nature.

How I got into all this “mumbo jumbo”

Friends of mine took me to a, “psychic night,” at the local pub. I expected to have my palm read and told my favourite colour was blue, being the sceptic I am. Well what the lady told me blew my mind. There was NO WAY she would have ever known any of the information and observations she gave me.

I felt an incredible peace and excitement at the idea that there’s more to life than we know.

So I looked into going to more events and came across Holistic Wellbeing, a centre down the road from me, where I’ve been training in mediumship and Reiki. My life has taken on a whole new perspective, one that I’d love to share with you whilst helping animals.