Animal Communicator

Connecting you to your pet

Animals are always there for us, unconditionally loving and supporting us. They bring us comfort when our world feels like chaos and listen without judgment. They bring joy and fun; making us feel truly alive and connected with another being. They are family.

We look after them – feeding, exercise, playtime, veterinary care, giving them a safe home. But what if we could do more? How are they emotionally? Spiritually? Do they have something they want to share with us?

Everything I do is from a place of love and empathy for animals and those who care enough about them to want the very best for their wellbeing and their relationship.

Can animals talk?

Yes! But not just through body language, scent, expressions and vocals. They use a silent method called, “telepathy,” – an invisible way of sending and receiving messages on a specific energy frequency. Everyone can do it, they just need to learn how to and then practice.

Some of the benefits of hiring an animal communicator

Maybe you’re concerned about a new behaviour, or feel they’re not themselves.
Perhaps you’d like to know what they enjoy or how you could make them even happier. Perhaps they’re nearing the end of their life and you want to know what their wishes are.
Maybe you’re thinking of a change in your life and want to involve your animals.
Maybe you’re thinking of getting another animal and want to know what they think.

Having an animal communicator connect with your pet can help allay fears and allows them to feel involved in the process and decision making – especially if it affects them.

Communicating with an animal can increase the bond between you. The love, affection and energy will flow much better if you are both on the same page and understand each other.

How it works

All I need is a photograph of them, their name and any questions you might have. I do this by emailing you a short form to complete.

I then schedule time to connect with them and they send me thoughts, words, feelings, images and most commonly for me, metaphors and symbols to help me understand their messages, which are as individual as they are. I make a transcript of everything we discuss and email this back to you.


Telepathy is a way of sending and receiving messages – a bit like with Bluetooth. You can’t physically see what’s going on, but you know it works.

Everything is made up of energy, and everything is connected.

Telepathy allows us to tap into the energy so we can send and receive information.

We’re all born with telepathy and intuition, it’s just not commonly accepted by today’s society. Yet.

Sarah is a truly authentic animal communicator. The information that she picked up about my horse Piper was spot on, and has helped with allowing Piper settle into her new yard with ease and has put my mind at rest as well. Can’t recommend Sarah enough.