Animal Reiki

What is Reiki and how can it help my animal?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Sometimes the energy needs a boost – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually…life plays havoc with our animals’ energy, just as it does our own.

Reiki is an oriental healing method that works by channeling healing, loving energy from a higher source to the animal. This light helps to harmonise their energies and so increase overall wellbeing.

How Animal Reiki works

It is important that I can check permission with the animal before doing energy work with them. If they are happy to proceed then I set aside the time to channel the energy to them.

Reiki can be done in-person, or because it uses energy, at a distance.

The channeled energy will flow to where it is needed within the animal.

It is not a replacement for vetinary treatment

Animal Reiki