Earth Is Home

Raku-fired stoneware sculpture 32cm x 23cm.

Pigeons and doves can be found all over the world, in hundreds of different colours. Whilst doves are revered in the UK, pigeons are often unfairly referred to as rats with wings. They’ve lived in close proximity with us for thousands of years, so where we go, they do too.

Highly intelligent and complex, pigeons/doves mate for life, each taking turns to feed the babies with milk they are both able to produce.

They have incredible hearing and perception abilities – something man made use of during wars to fly messages. their navigational prowess in incredible – they can fly around 6000 feet at an average speed of over 75mph!

I created this piece to celebrate our pigeon/dove friends and hope to raise some love for them.

Ceramic pheasant sculpture

Feathers On Fire

Raku-fired stoneware sculpture 33cm x 28cm

I live in an area of Yorkshire where pheasants are often shot. Out walking I’ll pick up feathers because I think they’re beautiful. Once whilst doing this a farmer asked me what I was doing, to which I explained I was collecting the feathers and thought I might be able to use them in my art. We got talking about the birds and I asked what they did with all the feathers from the birds they shot and plucked to eat. He said there were far too many to know what to do with so they just burned them. I don’t know whether he was referring to just the feathers, but nothing surprises me.

I was inspired to create this piece and raku fire it, I used a lot of the feathers I had gathered as part of the combustibles for the reduction process, it somehow seemed fitting to use them for something good.

Raku firing with feathers