Pet Medium – Messages from Heaven

I understand the deep heartache from the loss of a pet. Through my work as a pet medium, I’m able to connect with your beloved pets no longer physically here. It’s through this connection I hope to bring comfort, upliftment and proof that there is more to this life than there is. I hope that through connecting you to your furry and feathered loved ones in spirit you may feel some of these things for yourself, just as I did.

What is a Pet Medium?

Mention the word, “medium,” and people tend to think of ghosts, witchcraft and parlour tricks. Actually, the process is exactly the same as it is for communicating with live animals – telepathy. No spooks, all science.

Animal Spirit Messages

They may have some insights into what you are going through now because they are around you, they may have answers to questions you feel unanswered. They may just want you to feel peace and love at knowing they still go on and that you are never on your own, spirit has your back.

How it works

All I need is a photograph of them, their name and any questions you might have. I do this by emailing you a short form to complete.

I then schedule time to connect with them and they send me thoughts, words, feelings, images and most commonly for me, metaphors and symbols to help me understand their messages, which are as individual as they are. I make a transcript of everything we discuss and email this back to you.