Babies and Booms

The Babies

There’s been a lot of activity in the garden today. It started by the chaos of the corvids (corvids, not covids!) The local magpie had 2 babies who were checking everything out, and of course there were too many jackdaws to count, but let’s just say it’s been a bumper year! There was even a young crow. That’s before we even get started on the starlings, baby bluetits, sparrows and blackbirds! It’s been very quiet on the robin front, but with everything else going on, I’m not surprised!

So inspired by the curious magpie babies I created the Magpie on the Moon artwork.

The Booms

Well, after feeling inspired, I’d created a small, pretty rubbish elephant from some dry left over clay. It had been sat in the summerhouse for a few days and I thought it must be (mostly) dry.

In the garden I have the world’s smallest metal incinerator for non-shreddable or recycleable paperwork. Well, it just so happenned I had some to dispose of. Well, I got quite the (safely contained) fire roaring, and remembering watching someone do some Raku on the tellybox thought about the little (mostly dry) ele.

Well, it was all going well until I heard a “ping!” against the side of the incinerator. Then another, and then another more forceful ping, then bits of clay started shooting up in the air like a rubbish volcanoe. Well that was me done. The whole thing was so much fun but completely impractical, and yes a tad unsafe. But what fun!

(Disclaimer – don’t try it for yourselves)

Magpie on the Moon
Obviously not a kiln