Best Christmas “do” ever!

Well, it’s taken me the best part of a week to come to any kind of cohesive ramblings about the “open studio” day last Sunday.

I’d invited my neighbours and some friends to pop along to see my workshop (garage) and had stocked up on mince pies, hung the fairy lights and recorded a CD full of my favourite jolly Christmas songs.

The sun was blazing and the garage door was wide open. I’d dragged a table outside and a bag of clay was ready to be made into things. A towel and a washing up bowl ready to clean any hands.

I’d spent a good hour in the sunshine making balls of clay. I did wonder as I sang by myself whether this was going to be how the rest of the day would be. I smiled, because even if nobody turned up, I was in my happy place.

But then, across the road came over, followed by across the road’s next door neighbours, then the guys up the road, and the ones down the road, and then friends came, the clay was played with and everyone was smiling and it was just the most wonderful feeling.

There I was, little old me, being asked what I was up to and people being genuinely interested and listening to me., buying my work. That scared little artistic child was being heard – vindicated – and it actually makes me feel emotional writing about this event, because I felt so much acceptance, and all the previous months’ hard work and soul-searching had been made worthwhile in just a couple of hours.

The best Christmas present I could have asked for.

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