Birds I View

Having set out to go and photograph some deer to use in my artwork, I ended up on a detour. I had no idea where I was, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed a huge bird of prey sat on a fence post at the opposite end of a field. I pulled over in a layby and grabbed my camera, I didn’t have time to get out so I shot some through the window. Of course they were rubbish but I just wanted to see what species this beautiful bird was. Zooming in, I could see it was a buzzard!

The buzzard didn’t hang around and had disappeared by the time I got out of the car. In front of me was a signpost for a couple of public footpaths, so I thought I’d take the opportunity since I was already there.

I chose the left direction first, which led to a field of sheep (no lambies today though) so I decided to turn round and go down the other footpath. As I made my way back to the signpost I could see two buzzards flying above the trees – swooping and gliding together in the brisk wind. What luck! I watched them in awe before they disappeared over the tops of the trees.

Making it back to the signpost, I looked up and there were now 4 buzzards! WOW! How incredible and special! I watched them gliding the thermals above until 3 of them disappeared into the distance, and I was left with one solitary bird in the sky above me.

She invited me to join her so I closed my eyes. She showed me the tree tops looking like stars from above, and then a wonderful ploughed field with curvy lines and hedges making a wonderful pattern from the air. Then a car came past and I opened my eyes. What an incredible experience. I thanked the buzzard and sat in the car to draw what she had shown me.

Just then, I catch a glimpse of a tiny brown flash in the field – it was a stoat!!! A STOAT! My first ever stoat! I managed to take a really rubbish photo just to prove to myself that I had indeed seen it! How wonderful! What a lucky day!

It inspired  me to get back out and try the other footpath. Making my way up the fields against the headwind I make it to the top of the hill. As I round the corner I see the field that the buzzard had guided me to see! Just wonderful and magical and I can’t say enough superlatives to describe how I felt.

The Buzzard