Limited Edition Artist Bronze Sculptures

There’s something incredibly special about both creating and collecting sculptures immortalised in bronze.

Bronze is a timeless, traditional sculptural material with a rich history dating back thousands of years. There’s no wonder it’s highly prized for its durability, timelessness and permanence.

Using bronze allows me to create enduring works of art that transcend time and invite that all important touch that we as humans need.

Bronze Owl Sculpture


As the evening fades into the inky night, owl, from a familiar perch, stretches her wings for a night of silent hunting in the darkness.

Unseen by humans yet so close they can hear her call, her eyes catch the moonlight as it softly illuminates her in the night.

Limited Numbered Edition 1 of 9

Approx. Size 31cm tall x 38cm depth

Weight Approx 9.7kg

Bronze Hare Sculpture


The Divine Feminine Power

When you see hares boxing in the wild, it’s very often the female fighting the males to test their strength.

If they pass this test, they’ve then got to keep up with her speed and then fight off any other suitors. Only then will she think him worthy. In a world full of Disney princesses awaiting rescue by Prince Charming, the hare’s choice in the matter of a suitor really speaks to me.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Approx. Size 44cm height (17″) x 24cm (9.4″) width

Approx. Weight 12.3kg

Bronze Kingfisher Sculpture

Kingfishers are seen in many cultures throughout the world as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and happiness. I feel all three when I manage to see one for myself in the wild!

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Approx. Size 26cm height (9.8″) x 32cm (15.3″) width x 15cm

Approx. Weight 4.1kg

bronze puffin sculptures

Bronze Puffin Sculptures

Sculpted in tribute to the puffins of Bempton Cliffs, this trio of cheeky characters never fail to bring a smile to our faces, always appearing cheerful and comical. Adorable, playful, sociable little birds, I sculpted them to capture the essence of the puffin and how they make us feel, rather than an anatomical, biological copy.

Limited Numbered Edition 12

Large Bronze Robin Sculpture

A robin appears when a loved one is near

Our brave, bright, little feathered friends are all around us, but seem to know when we need them the most. This human journey and all the experiences we share unify us. So does nature, and none more so than the robin.

This large bronze robin sculpture does not shout with colour, it’s a subtle testament to the classic shape and expression we see. A quieter presence we know is there for us whenever we need.

Limited Numbered Edition 1 of 9

Approx. Size 29cm tall x 43cm depth

Approx. Weight 10.5kg

Bronze Horse Head Bust Sculpture

A modern yet timeless large study of a horse head. Created using the lost wax method the hot cast bronze is a real statement piece.

There’s a tradition of bronze sculptures in public locations being rubbed for luck, and as a child I would find it soothing to rub my thumbs over the glass eyes of my toy bunnies. The bronze highlights show where the patina has been rubbed back to allow the metal to show through. They’re inviting you to interact with the sculpture in a world where we’re told “do not touch” you have the artist’s permission to touch!

Limited Numbered Edition 1 of 9

Approx. Size 39cm tall x 38cm depth

Approx Weight 14kg

Bronze sculpture guide

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is bronze?

Bronze is a metal alloy mostly made up of copper. Mass-produced bronzes often skimp on the copper content and use tin, lead, and iron instead which leave the sculptures open to corrosion and breakages.

The bronze I use for my sculptures contain a high copper content of 96%, along with 1% manganese and 3% silicon. The added silicon strengthens the sculptures, although it makes the process more challenging and costly for the foundry.

Hot or cold?

Cold cast bronze refers to sculptures made with resin and moulds, sometimes finished with bronze powder to mimic the look of a genuine bronze sculpture.

Hot cast Bronze involves creating a mold from the original sculpture, followed by the creation of a wax copy. The wax piece is then dipped multiple times in a ceramic coating, creating a sturdy shell. This is then heated in a kiln to melt the wax. Molten bronze can then be poured into the ceramic shell. Once cooled, the ceramic shell is removed, and the sculpture is assembled and perfected. The finishing touches involve patination to create beautiful surfaces, followed by a seal of hot wax that gives the sculpture its sheen and protects the surface from the elements.

Limited editions.

The number of pieces in an edition directly impacts their exclusivity and value.

Higher edition numbers indicate less exclusivity, while lower numbers make each piece more sought after.

But that’s not all! Provenance matters too.

Can you trace the sculpture’s journey from the artist to your hands? Look for sculptures made in the UK by reputable foundries, as they proudly put their name to their work. And for your peace of mind and future valuation, you’ll receive a signed certificate of authentication alongside your bronze sculpture.

Caring for your bronze

A wipe over with a clean, soft, dry cloth is all that’s needed unless the bronze is kept outside when it will need wax applying at least once a year to keep the elements off it and it looking like it should. Left to the elements the surface will develop into a green effect which is also rather nice.

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