Professional Business Photographer

The rise of the digital camera has made decent photographs accessible to all, but it takes a professional to truly get the best shots consistently and with professionalism.

Knowing how the images are to be used – whether it’s websites, large format displays or simply social media, is just as important as the image itself.

My friendly yet professional approach means I do my best to get those involved in the photos to relax. As someone who hates having my photograph taken I know how they feel and do what I can to put them at ease. Very often the best way of working is the documentary method whereby business carries on as if I’m not there, and I document what is needed from a slight distance. Staff especially feel more comfortable with this way of working.

I am used to working with confidentiality agreements and carry full insurance as well as backups of all my professional equipment. I am VAT registered and have been a sole proprietor for 16 years.