C is for Cows

Every year I wait in anticipation for Farmer Brian to let the cows loose in the field behind my house. When the calves are tiny he keeps them closer to the farm, but when they get a bit older he moves them across the road and into the field that my house backs onto.

Also backing onto his fields is the local football playing field. Well one evening on Facebook there was a post saying;

There’s cows loose on the football pitch, are they Farmer Brians?

Well of course they were lol. I popped over to see if he needed help rounding them up but it was all under control. “The buggers jumped the wall.”

I feel I need to introduce you to Farmer Brian.

I’d not long been moved into the house, Farmer Brian was baling up the hay in the field. The machinery seemed to stop and he got out to check on it. For a chap in his 80’s he ain’t doing too bad let me tell you.

Now Farmer Brian’s baler was pointing downhill. When I say hill, it is a rather steep one. I don’t think you need much imagination to know what happenned next… I thought oh eck I’d better get inside.

Next thing I know I hear a rumbling as the bale rolled down the hill, through my fence and landed in my tree.

“Well, that was expected,” I thought.

About an hour later I get a knock at the door. “I believe you’ve got something of mine.” He reminded me of my Grandad George (who was also a farmer) with his cheeky Yorkshire glint in his eye. He then went on to ask if I had any guinea pigs who could use it. I love this guy. Well they came and retreived it and fixed the fence. Turns out, as I’m chatting with him, I wasn’t the first one on the street that he’d done it to.

Well that was it for me, I was in stitches.

So now, everytime I see him he asks me if I’ve got a fella yet, and everytime I give him the same answer. He always gives me the same reply, “I don’t blame you.”

Cow zoomies

I couldn’t believe my lucky timing that I was outside by the fence when I heard the tractor and the pounding of tiny little hooves. Grabbing my phone I managed to record their zoomies around the new field, tails in the air. What fun, what joy!

The mothers and the bull soon joined in exploring the field, hoovering up the grass. That evening I decided to stay small and quiet at the fence, and sure enough the bull came over to check me over. Sniffing my hair I could feel his slobber. It sounds disgusting but it was wonderful to have such a connection.

Connecting with the bull

Now Farmer Brian’s bulls have always been very relaxed, and this chap was no exception.

The communication he left me with was,

“With great power comes great responsibility.”