Ceramic Hare Sculptures

I, like many, find myself inexplicably drawn to the magic of hares.

Folklore of old would have us believe that witches can turn into hares, and whilst I’m pretty sure that’s not true, it doesn’t stop them being intriguing and special.

Hares are a favourite of many of us, and pop into the shops and you’ll no doubt see plenty of ceramic hare sculptures. They’re a popular icon of the British countryside and have made their way into the mainstream.

But for those of us who connect with them, it goes much deeper than just decoration. It’s this connection that I try and capture in my hare sculptures.

Why My Hare sculptures?

Inspired by my own personal encounters with hares in the wild, each ceramic hare sculpture starts as a bag of clay.

Drawing from my memories and how they make me feel, I build the clay to create contemporary designs and simple forms. I love the sweeping organic curves of nature and don’t want to add any superfluous detail.

It’s so important that you touch my sculptures – it’s what sculpture should be about. Especially ceramic sculptures. Clay is such a wonderful medium to work with, I find it incredibly therapeutic and want to pass this feeling on to you.

Find the hare that speaks to you, or commission me for your very own.


Sculpting ceramic hares

Creating these hares is a careful process that starts with raw clay. I spend hours shaping each one, focusing on the forms that give them life.

After sculpting, they’re left to dry before being bisque fired to 1050°C. I can then add glazes and refire them to 1240°C highlight their features and give them a unique, tactile finish.

Indoors or outdoors?

Keeping your ceramic hare looking its best is simple. For indoor pieces, a light dusting is usually enough. For outdoor sculptures, a gentle rinse with water will remove any dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals to keep them looking their best. If it gets really cold, I always suggest bringing ceramics indoors.

Want your own hare sculpture?

The ones I have ready for new homes are below, but if you’d like your own size and colours drop me a line – [email protected]