Ceramic Hares

EVERYONE knows how magical hares are. Whether it’s their connection with the moon, the folklores and fairytales.

Personally, I think it’s all the above plus their massive feets and tabs (ears) I just adore them. Especially when they’re at their fluffiest age. And goodness me they can run! How they manage to coordinate those gangly long leggies to make them shift so quickly is a wonder to behold.

People often ask, “how do you know where to find hares?” and I always tell them that if they’re meant to be seen, the hares will find them.

So this page is dedicated to all my ceramic hares – big, small and everything inbetween. I’m always sculpting in the workshop so if you can’t see your favourite just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Please remember that if you place a special order it can take around 3 months depending on what else is already booked in, so please give me as much notice as you can. If there’s one thing that can’t be rushed, it’s ceramics.