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My studio is in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. If you’d like to come and see me or a specific piece I’ve got, you’re more than welcome – just drop me a line and we can arrange something between us – (you’ll just have to excuse the lack of hot drinks because I don’t own a kettle)

I do head out to a select few events during the year and have an open studio for my VIP’s once a year but if you’d like to get in touch about popping in I’d love to hear from you.


I’m not in any art galleries.

I’ve thought long and hard about whether they’re the right place for me. A huge part of the reason I love what I do is the people who connect with me and my pieces. If my work was in a gallery without me I’d feel like I was losing a big part of the story.

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If you fancy seeing what’s going on behind the scenes I often put random photos and updates on Facebook – and Instagram –

Mailing Address

15 Croft Drive, Millhouse Green, Sheffield, S36 9NE