Day 12 of the 30 day challenge

The first day in the Animal Artistry studio. It felt so nice to be back and to see Donna, Charles, Lorraine and Mark (and of course Chaos and Bambi – Donna’s two beautiful Spanish horses.)

I’d arranged with Donna to have a whistle-stop tour of kilns – what to look out for, what considerations there were. To try out different glazes and generally ask lots of questions and learn as much as possible.

Today I started with a bit of sculpting in Earthenware whilst I was waiting for the glazes to arrive. I’d had an email and they were out of stock for one item so we were delayed another 24 hours. ugh.

I created a couple of seals, a highland cow and a sea horse in Earthenware. All very quick, unrefined pieces as I usually wait for the clay to dry a little then refine them and hollow them out.

Earthenware sculpting