Day 14 of the 30 day challenge

Day 3 in the Animal Artistry studio!

This morning started with seeing sleepy foals in the field near the accomodation, so very sweet! and just as I arrived at Animal Artistry there was a red kite flying above!

The glazes finally arrived after lunch, and it became a rush and logistical challenge to get the samples done, but they’re in the kiln overnight, let’s hope they survive and look good. I’ll only need to wait until the morning to find out!

Some of the larger pieces aren’t yet dry so will be fired tomorrow as Donna says Earthenware doesn’t have to be completely dry in order to be fired. I painted the seahorse and one seal in the black slip (black coloured clay) ready for the first firing tomorrow (you can apply slip to greenware – ie, unfired clay) I’d brought 2 small stoneware pieces which had actually fired ok at the lower earthenware temperatures, so decided to give them a glaze too. It’s all about experimentation! 🙂

Outside there was an incredible rainbow phenomenon, it looked like the northern lights but in rainbow colours! spectacular!

Just as I was leaving to go back to the accomodation there was a buzzard on a telegraph pole!

The evening it was no longer raining so I headed out for a walk, and yes, you guessed it, I saw more buzzards. What a treat! They always appear to remind me about freedom.