Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge

The skip is well and truly full!!! The walls are nearly painted. I’ve found some material to put on the ceiling to keep the dust down which should be here next week. I’ve got some floor paint sorted and have started asking for advice on electrics for the kiln.

The old chest of drawers my grandad made (who I never met) has had a clean after being a warm home for little mouseys over winter. I had thought of letting it go and asked Dad if he wanted it back. But as I was cleaning it yesterday I felt quite emotional and knew that it was Grandad letting me know that he’d like me to keep it in the garage with the kiln so I can feel closer to him. He’s already been around me in the past and has come through a few times with messages.

Farmer Brian’s moomoos are out in the field behind the house again too – complete with their horsey friend, who came over to say hello and to eat the thistle tops in my garden. It won’t be long before the calves are exploring and sticking their little noses through the fence to eat the pampas grass. Happy days! 🙂


I love seagulls. I know they’re not everybody’s cup of tea. I could hear their “laughter” and “chattering,” as a group of 5 flew above me in the garden. Messengers of changing times and tides, just as the owls had brought through changes.