Day 24 of the 30 Day Challenge

Having filled the skip I was feeling pretty tired today. I soon perked up this morning when I saw a little robin who was had a beautiful bright chest but his head was still baby floof. Just adorable. Sat at the computer with the window wide open, a fledgling blue tit landed on the handle, looked curiously at me, then fluttered away. They really do bring such joy to us humans.

Later, sat outside in the evening, a single feather came floating down past my lap and landed on the floor next to me. I picked it up and it was indeed a robin feather, my very first! How wonderful.

He was confirming the transformation I was experiencing, that it is a transformation in sync with nature’s own. The bluetit was confirming that it was a joyful move.

It’s strange as very often I’ve wanted to do things that involve solving problems, finding solutions, uncertainty and worry. Getting my own kiln should be one of these things, but I feel such a passion that this is right, that it resonates with me so deeply, that I’m ploughing through those problems and barriers with action.