Day 29 of the 30 day challenge

The penultimate day of the challenge!!!

What a day it HAS been!!!

“Bumbling Bees”

The featured photo is a road. Not just any road, but a road that has big trucks up and down it. So what? Well, walking up said hill I spot a huddle of bumble bees on the tarmac, I initially thought they were fighting (typical human assumption eh) but on closer inspection I see it’s the Queen, and she’s being, ahem, serviced. Well, this is important work! Can you spot them in the picture?

Unfortunately, they’d chosen a rather inconvenient location for said work, so I stood guard to warn the lorries to go around them for 10 minutes. The bumbling didn’t stop. I thought I’d better Google how long they can go on for (ie how much longer I’d be on lookout duty) Yep, I had to move them. Off they went still attached but on the grass verge so they were safe!

People who love mud

This afternoon I popped to see Sue who lives in the same village as me, she’s also a sculptor of ceramics and we had a fab chat. She showed me her kiln and we talked like we’d known each other for years. Then in the evening I went to see Tracey Mawson – a ceramic artist I’d been on a workshop with. She’d glazed and fired the pot I’d made at the workshop and was ready for me to collect it. She invited me in to see her kiln and workspace too, and I felt more inspired than ever!