Day 8 of the 30 day challenge

Having made my peace with the earthenware fox, I thought I’d have a go at making something else. But before I opened the bag of clay again, I looked for the lobbed blob from yesterday. It had dried a bit and fallen off the stone.

Looking at it, I thought it would be possible to salvage, so I carved a hedgehog medallion out of it. I think it works kindof? I think with a glaze on it will make more sense visually.

Blobbed Clay
Hedgehog medallion

Here come the blobs!

So feeling a tad more confident I cut 3 equal lumps of clay to see what they would become.

Inspired by the hedgehog, the first lump became a sleeping dormouse medallion.

The second started as a hedgehog, but failed miserably, so I flattened the clay and moulded it into a bowl to then join to form a hollow body. The clay made a lovely texture on the back of the critter and it made me think of a badger, which is what lump number 2 became.

Lump number 3 started as a medallion of a bunny, but it didn’t look right, so I cut another piece and attached the two together. It still didn’t seem right, so bunny got wrapped ina  bed of leaves as he sleeps soundly. It reminded me of wrapping my toy bunny in a napkin at restaurants as a little nipper. It felt cosy and I just wanted to hold it.

Sleepy Dormouse Blob
Badger Blob
Sleepy bunny blob