Didn’t I have a lovely time the day I went to London

Well where do I start?! Yesterday was insane!

When I found out earlier this year that a puffin painting I created had made the final 50 of the British Art Prize 2022 I couldn’t believe it! Well, seeing it on the wall in the OXO gallery London on the opening night didn’t make it feel any more real! I suppose that’s the imposter syndrome most artists get.

I’d decided while I was heading down to London for the day, to see what else was on. By chance I found a gallery on Southbank called The Hayward Gallery.

They’d got an exhibition on called, “Strange Clay,” and the preview photos looked like great fun, so I booked my ticket and popped in. Well, I had the most magical time admiring, laughing and smiling at the works on display. I even bought the exhibition book (and 3 others) and it was worth the pain of lugging them around the city for 6 hours. I felt inspired and have new exciting ideas and concepts I want to explore. I’m working on a new collection of pieces which are currently drying in the kiln before firing. They’re solid so it’s an even longer process than usual, and it’s a new clay so I’m praying the kiln gods will be kind, even if the electricity bill won’t be!