Through my process I decided to take the time to create physical art. I know that I’m supposed to be ok with being rubbish at first, but when I drew it felt soooooo rubbish compared with what I could create digitally. I wonder why I’m fighting my digital skills so much. Maybe it’s the whole, “photoshop fakery,” stigma. It’s strange, I never had any hangups with the whole “analogue vs digital” photography.

I’ve booked on some tutoring for both 3D sculpting and physical sculpting. I had hoped the grant would help fund these, but I feel they are so important for me to try that I booked them before I heard back about the grant.

Whether anything comes from them, I don’t know. But I need to try to find out.

Digital. What does it imply? Fake? Mass-produced? Not real? Easy?

It’s strange as a lot of “traditional” artists say how difficult digital art is. I of all people should know that what we use to create is just a TOOL to express our voice.

Digital drawing