Donna Nook Seals

On the Lincolnshire coast is the Donna Nook National Nature Reserve. Famous for the grey seals that come onto the beach to give birth to their pups, it draws thousands of visitors every year.

Looked over by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Donna Nook is an incredibly important habitat, and not just for the seals.

While I was there I was treated to thousands of lapwings alongside so many other birds including curlews and my first Peregrin Falcon sighting!

A seal pup at Donna Nook

Donna Nook’s Importance for Seals

The UK is home to 40% of the world’s population of grey seals, making Donna Nook an incredibly important location for the seals.

To look after the area and the seals, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust oversee the nature reserve. Whilst visitors can visit, there’s some guidelines to help protect the seals at Donna Nook. For more information about when and how to see the seals, visit their website – Donna Nook | Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (

one of the many grey seals at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire

Seals inspired by Donna Nook

It’s not often you get chance to see seals relatively close. They’re so graceful in the sea, but on the beach they’re like, well, a seal out of water.

Their huge body mass takes some effort to shift around, and their little flippers don’t offer much help. They’re quite comical to watch, and they all have their own personality.

Lounging around on the beach they’ll bend and curl into all sorts of shapes, their large eyes and whiskers exploring the small world around them while their dumpy tails and slippers flop around.

I loved watching them and came back inspired to make some seal shapes of my very own.

Want your own seal sculpture?

The ones I have ready for new homes are below, but if you’d like your own size and colours drop me a line – [email protected]