E is for everything is connected

It’s always great when the Universe gives you reminders that things are as they are meant to be.

I decided to re-visit a tree that I’d seen whilst out walking in the rain, but this time to take my camera and notepad to see if I could communicate with it.

As I reached the tree, a lady walking the other direction towards me looked distressed and so I asked her if she was ok. She had just had a panic attack and was feeling upset and confused. I said, “please stay, don’t go,” as she turned to carry on. I hated that I couldn’t hug her, but at least I could stay with her a while. She told me that she’s on a journey with cancer, and was really worried about going into a second lockdown and not being able to see anybody again. I listened and felt her pain, and whilst I couldn’t take the worry away. I offered to share with her a coping mechanism I’ve been taught that helps me.

So I put my camera down and explained about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) where you tap on certain points of your head and body. It’s used in PTSD cases as well as many other emotional blocks.

After we’d chatted some more I asked her where she was going as I didn’t want her to be alone. She said that she was meeting some friends, and that she was so happy to have met me that morning, and it was meant to be that she did. She thanked me and went on her way to meet her friends.

As I walked further through the trees I found two large feathers. I collected them and thought that if I saw the lady again on my way out I would give them to her, and I did.

The healing power of trees extends way beyond what I ever could think possible. I gave it thanks and will always remember it.

For anyone interested in the EFT technique I mentioned, Brad Yates is a good place to start on YouTube…