Freedom from the mass, freedom for the mess

I’ve been spending some time working on my mission and vision statement and have been struggling to put things into words. As part of the process I listed my weaknesses – messy, impatient, impulsive.

Messy – What is mess? – untidy, dirty, confused, unpleasant, slapdash, hurriedly and carelessly done, disorderly, difficult to deal with. Doesn’t sound very nice does it?

Having recently been exploring expressive abstract ways of paining, I’ve created one hell of a “mess.” My impatience and impulsive weaknesses have led me to be able to create spontaneous, sub-conscious pieces of wonderful messy freedom.

I’ve realised that working in such a way gets me out of my headspace – stops me getting in my own way. The ego is told under no uncertain terms, to sit quietly in the back seat whilst my soul takes the controls and lets rip. I feel the soul leading when I meditate too, and also when I’m communicating with nature and animals.

There’s no rules to break, and that’s an incredibly freeing thing.

abstract art