I’ll name that tune in one

Walking from the garden back to the house having finally managed to hang some washing out, I’m startled by baby blackbird who was startled by me.

He sat on the garden chair so I stood quietly next to him.

I said hi and told him how beautiful he is and that he’s safe. He flattened himself out a bit as he relaxed in the sunshine.

I could see his body twitching, and I was starting to feel concerned.

The drone of the lawnmowers and strimmers briefly stopped and I was able to hear again.

He was trying to sing! My heart melted into a puddle on the floor and I just couldn’t cope with the amount of joy I felt.

“Oh you are singing?!” I said with delight to him as he kept trying, his little body twitching with effort as his soft little squeaks and peeps floated in the air.

I had to tell my mum and dad about this. I understood how they must have felt when I started making noises…ok, so maybe not, but I was proud nonetheless.

I believe the conversation started with “you know that casserole dish you leant me…”

Perfect size for a baby blackbird bath…

Baby Blackbird