I’m not afraid of the darkness between the stars

Back in November, I’d walked to Tesco and had reached the main road, 5 minutes from home, when a silver 4×4 pulled onto the pavement in front of me. I thought it was odd and my instincts told me to cross the road.

Now bearing in mind, it wasn’t even 5pm. I hear their car door open and close and turn round to check I’m not being followed. Thankfully I wasn’t. But they drove the car off the kerb in a rather careless way and shouted expletives at me for having crossed the road. Moral of the story? Always trust your instincts.

But that was back in November.

I’d once again been to get my shopping at Tesco and was walking on the same road. It was cold, it was clear and I could see the stars. The trees were lit by the streetlamps, and I remember thinking that people would probably find them quite spooky.

I, for one, could never be afraid of trees. Nor the darkness between the stars. I hope you never live in fear.

Trees moonlight and streetlight