It’s all elementals, my dear

Remember when we used to believe in fairies? I remember very well – I had “Flower Fairies,” dolls as a child. Each fairy belonged to a certain species of plant, tree or flower and were dressed to blend in with them as their protectors.

I’ve had 2 separate spirit messages about connecting with elementals – that I need to start believing in them and even drawing them again. Well my wet blanket adult made me feel like this was a ridiculous thing and a step too far for me.

But it did get me thinking – after all, 3 years ago I didn’t believe you could converse with the dead, or communicate with animals, and now I’m doing both, so why the heck can’t elementals be real?

So off I headed to the woods where I’d seen the owls last year. I didn’t see any owls, and all was quiet, so I sat on a fallen tree surrounded by bluebells just next to the path.

Now a few days earlier I’d had an appointment about a suspicious looking lump on my arm, and had been fast tracked to the hospital to get it checked out. As I sat on the fallen tree, something made me pick up one of the bluebells someone had squished (not me!) and place it on the lump. I sat there a while thinking if anyone saw me they’d think I was nuts.

Well eventually the bluebell slid off my arm and I bent to pick it up but was told to leave it because it had done its job – it had taken what was there for the earth to deal with.

Well my hospital appointment came and the lady who examined me first couldn’t figure it out, so she called the main consultant in, who having checked it over said that despite them thinking the worst when they saw the photo of the lump, said “it seems to have sorted itself out.” I didn’t dare mention about the bluebell in case they locked me up in another department lol!