I LOVE this time of year. The curlews and the lapwings tend to arrive around where I live at the same time, and the air rings with the musical tones of their calls as they search for the best nesting spot and look for their partner.

I’ve written about Lapwings before, but they never cease to fill me with wonder and admiration. I’m a bit disappointed by their numbers this year, there’s definitely a lot fewer than last year.

But their calls are just as iconic, and they are just as protective of their eggs and young.

This year I decided to sculpt my own lapwing, who I was going to get cast in bronze. After watching them I realised that their wing motion is similar to that of an owl in flight. It’s funny the things you notice when you take the time to look properly at something. I captured the pose of them landing from a flight but I wasn’t happy with the legs and feet, so they’re drying in the studio. I might fire them and make the legs after, we’ll see. Even if I don’t finish this one, I will make another because they’re such characterful birds.