Little Owl Finds the Perfect Home

I’ve mentioned Holistic Wellbeing a few times on the website, and that’s because they’ve played a huge role in my development – from psychic development to Reiki but more importantly being there as friends. The owners Ann and Jonathan are fellow nature lovers and Ann loves getting out with her camera and particularly loves little owls. Talking to her one week we thought about putting an exhibition/animal communication type event on at the centre. I’d recently received a message from a Little Owl who I went on to draw, I also shared her message at one of the open circles at the centre. Every week they hold a raffle and I thought it would be fitting and a lovely idea to donate a Little Owl picture to them. Well here’s what Ann had to say about what happenned…

“Last week Sarah offered us one of her superb pieces of art as a raffle prize. If I’m being 100% honest, half of me was delighted, the other half slightly dismayed. Dismayed? Why? Well, obviously we couldn’t enter the raffle ourselves and anyone who follows my Happy Snapperz Snaps Facebook page will know that wildlife photography is my passion and that little owls, the subject of Sarah’s piece, just happen to be one of my favourite birds!

I would have loved to have been in with a chance of winning it but obviously I couldn’t enter our own draw! Well, the beings of manifestation must have been listening to my lament. We drew the raffle, the lucky winner was announced and lo and behold, said winner, the lovely Helen H, promptly donated the picture to the centre so that everyone could enjoy it! How wonderful was that! It now has pride of place for all to admire. Please ignore the reflections in the glass of the picture as I took the photo, it has to be seen to appreciate it in all its glory, now there’s an excuse to pay us a visit! We have an exhibition of Sarah’s wonderful work in the planning, so do watch this space for further announcements.”

You’ve got to love how this stuff works!