Little Owl Sculptures

What little owls lack in height they make up for in ‘owlitude.’

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they’ll let you notice them, but don’t be fooled, they saw you long before you saw them. Perhaps it’s that intangible, almost imperceptible feeling of being watched.

I love little owls for their keen watchfulness and no-nonsense approach to life. Sharp as a razor they’re far from the cuddly persona you’d expect from something that looks so small and fluffy.

There’s something about their eyebrows that make them look constantly mean and moody, and I like that about them.

Ceramic sculpture of a little owl in a metallic glaze

Why my little owl sculptures?

Starting with a bag of stoneware clay, inspired by my own personal encounters, each one-of-a-kind little owl is brought to life.

Remembering how they made me feel, working with my own reference photos, I hand build their shape before further refining it. I love the act of smoothing the clay – I find it very therapeutic and soothing, so my sculptures have simple forms, organic curves and lack any superfluous details.

Sculpture to me is an art that’s meant to be touched and engaged with. Ceramics traditionally are thought of as fragile, but people who pick up my work are surprised by their weight and feel. They’re made from a high-firing stoneware clay so they’re robust. I can’t be trusted with fragile things myself, being a real clutz.

Find the little owl that speaks to you, or commission me for your very own.

Little owl pair sat on a wall

Sculpting a little owl

Creating a little owl is a careful process that starts with raw clay. I spend hours shaping each one, focusing on the forms that give them life.

After sculpting, they’re left to dry before being bisque fired to 1050°C. I can then add glazes and refire them to 1240°C highlight their features and give them a unique, tactile finish.

Indoors or outdoors?

Keeping your ceramic owl looking its best is simple. For indoor pieces, a light dusting is usually enough. For outdoor sculptures, a gentle rinse with water will remove any dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals to keep them looking their best. If it gets really cold, I always suggest bringing ceramics indoors.

Want your own little owl sculpture?

The ones I have ready for new homes are below, but if you’d like your own size and colours drop me a line – [email protected]