Look! A Rook!

I always get excited when I see new visitors in the garden. Rooks are normally incredibly shy and suspicious and keep out of the gardens and in the fields. But this morning, that fat ball was just too tempting!

As she swooped down her huge wings wafted the two jackdaws aside. Using her sword-like beak she tapped into the fat ball for a little while, before picking the whole thing up and flying to the tree, where she posed briefly, before flying over the fence, where she landed and gave the jackdaws the fat ball.

An altruistic action by an incredibly intelligent being who appreciates the value of the community and therefore the individuals in it. We could learn a lot from these wonderful souls.

The Rook Messenger

So often, Rooks, Crows, Ravens and Jackdaws get lumped together as the big black scary birds that you see in horror movies. Seeing them this was is such an injustice.

Rooks come to share the message of intelligence, communication and problem solving. The society in which they are is important, and individuals flourish within it. I’ve noticed more and more coming closer to me in the garden, I hope this is a good sign that they are trusting me more.