Matter, Antimatter and Doesn’t Matter

I’m up to week 8 on The Artist’s Way book. I’ve had more revelations than I’ve had hot dinners. Today whilst writing my morning pages it occured to me that I’d been creating a lot of abstract paintings which remind me of the night sky and space in some form or another. It’s not a conscious decison, it just comes out.

I suppose it’s all part of the juxtaposition I’ve been exploring – light, dark, day, night…etc

My work seems to be a contrast between the controlled drawings of our natural world on one side, and on the other are my abstract pieces where it all starts quite controlled but then, for want of a better term, “I lose my sh1t.”

Reading this week’s Artist’s Way, I picked up on a term, “metabolise pain as energy.”

My abstract pieces feel fuelled by pent up pain, anger and frustration, which give them life without consciousness. Wow. It feels free, wild, primal even. As a drummer I relate to this – perhaps since I’ve not been playing I’ve found a new artistic outlet? It’s still a very physical process for me.

Dark – Light, Matter – Antimatter…it dodesn’t matter. What matters is that we use this energy otherwise it solidifies and lies heavy on our heart, just as Julia Cameron says, and then that makes any action difficult.