Moorcroft Workshop

If anyone saw the Great Pottery Throwdown on the tellybox this series, then you’d have seen Moorcroft making a guest appearance on one of the episodes, where the contestants were challenged to do some pipe decorating, something which Moorcroft does beautifully and is their signature style.

Well when I saw an advert pop up on Facebook for a workshop AT Moorcroft doing exactly the same thing I jumped at the chance!

So off to the pottery I went. I spent a good hour gawping at all the incredible pieces they had on display in both the shop and the exhibition space. Perfection.

There were a few of us at the workshop, all from a variety of backgrounds. We introduced ourselves and to my amazement, the Moorcroft designer Emma Bossons recognised ME! Well that made my day, that did!

As for the tubelining, it was exactly as difficult as it looked on the TV. I asked how long someone would need to spend getting to the level of the pros, to which they responded, “oh a good two years.” I think in my case they may have had to add a couple more on to that estimate lol!

But a wonderful experience and they fired the piece for us and sent it on, which was an amazing reminder of a fabulous day. Thank you Moorcroft!