More birdy babies!

Hot on the heels of the baby blackbird I spotted earlier this week followed two more! Three baby blackbirds following their dad around the garden has to be the highlight of the garden wildlife so far this year! What a treat!

I finally got to see the fledgling blue tits as well having listened to their high pitched hungry noises hidden away for the past week. I counted three, but that’s not to say there aren’t any others I missed as they were flitting here and there. Their parents looked worse for wear as they usually do, but their little babies were a testament to their hard work.

The starlings have been descending in their droves, squabbling and generally making lots of noise. I love watching them, they’re so much fun.

The house sparrows have had plenty of fledglings to feed too and I spotted a darker coloured one yesterday, turns out I have a melanistic house sparrow fledgling!

It’s been so dry here I’ve been helping out with some bird food and fresh water for all the birds and wildlife (including the hedgehogs of course)