Mum’s heart attack and Daddy’s beans

Mum’s Heart Attack

Well I’m not sure, “inspired by,” is the correct terminology, but mum had another heart attack and I felt the need to create this piece. Good job she’s a tough old bird. The consultant called it, “Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy” which I have named the piece after (or “Broken heart,” to you and me.) He said that statistically she should have been done for, but thankfully, it wasn’t her time!


Daddy’s Beans

I wrote in an earlier post about my 8 year old self’s morning pages –

Reading through them I came across a rather amusing little piece I wrote along with accompanying drawings. I thought how much fun it would be to recreate the drawings, so I grabbed the paints and off I went! This is called, “Daddy’s Beans…”

My Daddy had some bean sticks and stood them in a row
And then planted baby beans and hoped they would grow.
He got some string and twisted it, and wound about
So that the little beans could wriggle in and out

The sun shone, the rain came, and the beans grew very high.
They raced each other up the sticks to touch the summer sky.

Daddy's Beans