It’s been a while since my last blog post

But things have been a-changing here. I had some difficult decisions to make, but nature, true to form, gave me the signs and support I needed to make the transitions.

It’s corny, but life really is a journey, and the pandemic situation has given me time to slow down, reconnect, breathe, see and feel in a way I haven’t been able to in a LONG time.

So having cleared the pathway in front of me, and more importantly, where I am standing right now, I signed up to The United Artspace and Make Your Mark 2021 to rediscover my childhood passion of combining animals and art.

When I look into my soul, I’ve been trying to prove my worth to society by doing all the things I felt I SHOULD be doing, not what my heart wanted to do – my heart who knows I don’t need to prove anything. None of us do. We are who we are meant to be. I’ve been on the journey I needed/wanted to be on to get to this point. Just like every point I reached before this one.

I feel enabled to stand still and watch the birds whilst strangers tell me, “yes, that’s a tree.” I can tell them what I see, and if they’re not interested then that’s their loss. I can share with my friends and family the incredible experiences I’ve had. If they change the subject that’s fine, they are on a different journey to me.

None of us can judge anyone else. We are all on our own journeys. It would be incredible if we could all be understanding of this concept, but, then we wouldn’t be human, would we?