Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium

I’ve just got back from going to a guided tour of the exhibition Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium at the Sheffield Millenium Gallery who describe the exhibition;

“From William Blake to Susan Hiller, artists have long found fascination with the idea of forces beyond those accepted by the modern world. Not Without My Ghosts explores how art has continued to be inspired by the practices of mediums and spiritualists and the deep cultural history they represent. Featuring work from the 19th century to the present day, the exhibition looks at how artists’ engagement with séances, channelling, automatic writing and other paranormal investigations has changed over time.”

I found the work fascinating, and whether you believe in ghosts, gods or guidance from the universe, there was some incredible artwork on display. I was particularly drawn to Ann Lislegaard’s piece, “Oracles, Owls…Some Animals Never Sleep, 2012-13.” You’ve probably seen my logo is an owl, a creature I’m particularly fascinated by and drawn to. Ann describes the owl as an oracle – who acts as a communication portal to hidden worlds. I believe all animals are oracles and full of wisdom if we take the time to listen.

Whilst at the museum I visited the Ruskin exhibition too – owls a plenty and then one massive painting of one advertising the gallery in the gardens. Given I was just in the process of redesigning my logo, I took the synchronicities that I was on the right track. Supersticious, silly, soppy, special…we all have our own viewpoints.

Not Without My Ghosts