Yesterday a fellow photographer and nature enthusiast reminded me of something we’d always say when out with the cameras. Thinking we could see a hawk, getting all giddy and then realising when we looked closer that it was a pigeon. “It’s always a bloomin’ pigeon!” we’d sigh.

But you know what, it really does seem to be at the moment – everywhere I go walking there’s a pigeon feather on the ground in front of me at some point. At least one. Having been watching some of the speakers on the Animal Wisdom World Summit this week I realised that the pigeons have a message and have been trying to get my attention, especially after my very close encounter with the one last week, so I look them up.

Turns out that our pigeon friends are so incredibly close to doves that they’re grouped together spiritually. Who knew! So here’s the lowdown…

  • Both pigeons and doves are seen as spiritual messengers
  • They signify that we should be open to receiving divine wisdom and guidance
  • They’re both a symbol of peace
  • They’re a reminder that we can’t control everything and that we have to have trust in something greater than ourselves
  • They symbolise nurturing, caring, creation, purity, innocence and truth

So the next time I catch myself thinking, “oh it’s pigeon,” when out with the camera, I’ll thank them for being there and for the message that they bring.