Limited Edition Art Bronze Sculpture


Bronze Kingfisher Sculpture

My bronze kingfisher sculpture is a testament to the beauty of these elusive but remarkable birds. Found in various parts of the world, kingfishers are celebrated for their stunning plumage that dazzles.

Like a fleeting brushstroke on a vibrant canvas, kingfishers often grace our presence for mere moments, leaving us in awe of their mesmerizing colors. It’s in these split-second glimpses that their true brilliance shines through, captivating our hearts and igniting our imaginations.

Throughout history, kingfishers have held a special place in mythology and folklore, often seen as symbols of good luck and magical powers. Across cultures, they are revered as icons of prosperity, happiness, and fortune. By adorning your space with the Bronze Kingfisher Sculpture, you invite the positive attributes associated with these majestic birds into your life, creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility.

The striking combination of bright bronze and vivid blue hues effortlessly catches the eye, mirroring the same flash of plumage that mesmerizes us as these birds flash by.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Approx. Size 26cm height (10.2″) x 32cm (12.6″) width

Approx. Weight 4.1kg

Timescales Each bronze sculpture is created for you from the wax casting stage. Updates and photos of the process keep you informed at each stage of the journey to the finished piece, which will take 6-8 weeks from the date of ordering.

Shipping Complementary International Shipping is provided for my artist bronzes. Each sculpture will be carefully packed along with their certificate of authentication and guide on how best to look after your investment.

VAT – Price includes VAT at 20% in applicable countries


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