Autumn Hare Sculpture

A unique sculpture of a hare

Most people believe that boxing hares are usually fighting males. Very often it’s the female sizing up the male to make sure he’s good enough for her. If he can match her strength she will then challenge him to keep up with her speed, before watching him pit himself against her other suitors. Then, and only then, will she consider him worthy of her.

In a world full of Disney princesses waiting for their prince charming to rescue them, I LOVE the divine feminine power of the hare which inspired this sculpture.

The glaze is inspired by the wood that’s starting to show through more now that the leaves are dropping in the Autumn winds.

Size – Approx 44cm in height

Edition – One of a kind

Material – Stoneware clay and glaze.

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Sorry, this one sold

How she was made

Made from stoneware clay, she was built using the traditional coiling method, where coils are laid on top of each other to build the sculpture up in height.

Once dry she was bisque fired to 1050°C, allowed to cool, then had 3 layers of glaze brushed on.

To get the wood-like finish I then washed back the glaze.

She was then put back in the kiln to 1245°C for her glaze firing.