Curious Owls – E, F, G, H

Have you ever noticed those big eyes our friends the owls have? All-seeing they survey the world below their tree and take everything in. No wonder they’re thought to be wise.

Each individual owl is lovingly hand-built by me using the pinch-pot technique so they are all different. Made from professional-grade stoneware clay, these colourful little owls have then been refined by hand, left to dry then bisque fired in the kiln to 980°C.

Once cooled, I paint them with 3 layers of coloured underglazes before applying a clear glossy glaze to make the colours pop. Once dry, they’re back in the kiln, this time to 1245°C.

They love to be around their humans but are happy enough outisde – just remember to bring them in should it get really cold.

Each owl is approx 6-7cm tall

Measurements are approximate.


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Owl E

Owl F
Owl G
Owl H