British Wildlife

Spring Collection

Fox Sculpture

2022 / Glazed Stoneware / Edition One of One / Approx. Size 9cm x 16cm / Approx. Weight 1.4kg

Crafty, cunning, evil foxes.

They will kill everything just for fun. The farmer’s sworn enemy.

Vilified so much that they are hunted still to this day by humans on horses with packs of dogs.
If they catch the fox it will be torn to shreds.

A “countryside” persuit for the “well-heeled” doing the farmers a favour to protect their livestock.

It’s part of our history therefore should be protected, it’s a countryside dwellers right to do as they wish on their land.
How funny then, that a nation who loves dogs and cats above all other animals should find foxes so abhorrent.

Foxes to me, are the nation’s “cat dogs.”

Pouncing, bouncing and playing, their zest for life is a wonderous sight.

And when they’re exhausted from being chased across the countryside – their home – if they’re lucky, they’ll find a sanctuary where they can rest.



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