Glossy Luna Hare

A unique hare sculpture

A hare bathes in the moonlight, captured and reflected back by her divine feminine strength and beauty.

Size – Approx 23cm in height by 22cm in length.

Material – Stoneware clay and glaze. Stamped underneath with my logo.

Free delivery – Please allow 5 working days, rushed orders can be arranged at an extra cost.

VAT – Included VAT at 20%


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How she was made

Mud, glorious mud! well, professional-grade stoneware clay from the UK to be precise.

Out of the bag the clay needs, “wedging,” to remove any air trapped that can later cause problems during firing. Wedging is physical and theraputic!

I took a chance on a new clay with Luna. Not only was it a new clay, but a different technique and a new glaze.

I started with a solid lump of clay which I shifted and pushed around, carved and smoothed with my hands until her form appeared. A very different technique to the usual methodically hollow-built coiling.

To reduce the risk of trapped air I went over her with a needle, creating hundreds of tiny air vents before smoothing her surface.

The drying time was much longer due to her being solid, and in fact she was in the kiln at 82°C for a good 24 hours once I thought she was dry.

Next was the bisque firing – a progressive 48 hour heating programme to reach 1000°C. A much slower pace to reduce stresses on the solid clay.

Once cooled, I brushed on 3 coats of a new glaze. I knew it would be runny so I propped her up above the kiln shelf. Goodness me I’m glad I did!

Next was the glaze firing – this time the temperature reaches 1245°C, this is where the alchemy and magic happens and gives the surface the final appearance.