Teal glazed ceramic birds

Joyful Birds – Teal Glazed Surprise Choice

I can often be found sculpting outside, with the birds in the trees watching me, watching them whilst creating these joyful little guys.

Throughout the ages across all cultures, birds have held a special place in our hearts and meant many things including; freedom, immortality, spirit messengers, strength, peace and protection to name a few.

We can admire and be soothed by them but we can’t touch them. This is what inspired me to create these colourful little characters which can nestle in our hands.

Each individual bird is lovingly hand-built by me using the pinch-pot technique so they are all different. Made from professional-grade stoneware clay, these expressive little birds have then been refined by hand, left to dry then bisque fired in the kiln to 980°C.

Once cooled, I paint them with 3 layers of coloured underglazes before applying a clear glossy glaze to make the colours pop. Once dry, they’re back in the kiln, this time to 1245°C.

They love to be around their humans but are happy enough outisde – just remember to bring them in should it get really cold.

Each bird is approx 6-7cm tall

Measurements are approximate.

Surprise Choice

Your new friend will be one of the little guys in the photo, but which one will be a surprise!



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