Lapwing Ceramic
Lapwing Ceramic

Lapwing Blues

This one-off hand-built modern ceramic stylised Lapwing, glazed to an eye-catching abstract finish.

Being the clutz I am, I managed to catch her head feather, which has been super-glued back on. So with that, she’s now classed as perfectly imperfect and her price reflects this. She is still beautiful; beautifully flawed and perfect for the right person to adopt her.

Material Stoneware Ceramic finished in glaze

Dimensions Height – 16.5cm Length – 18cm Width – 7.5cm

Weight 840g

Postage Via Royal Mail

Price Includes VAT at 20%


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Product Safety & Care

This is not a toy nor food safe and should be kept out of reach of young children.

Please ensure you find a safe place for the piece as if toppled could cause damage to what they land on!

For wall-mounted pieces, please make sure your method of fixing is strong enough to support them and not in a place where they would cause damage if they were to fall. If in doubt please seek the advice of a professional experienced in fixing wall hangings.

Avoid direct sunlight and damp areas such as bathrooms. Suitable for indoors only. Clean only with a soft dry cloth/brush.