Bronze Hare Sculpture

­­The Divine Feminine Power

Celebrating the divine feminine power embodied by the hare, this uniquely designed bronze sculpture pays homage to the profound spiritual significance that they hold in various cultures across the globe. Revered as symbols of the moon, goddesses, and abundance, these magnificent creatures embody strength, grace, and untamed beauty.

While hares are often known for their legendary boxing matches, there’s more to their captivating behavior than meets the eye. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the males vying for attention; the females play an equally important role in the courtship dance. They carefully assess the males, seeking strength and endurance to match their own. Only those who can keep up with her lightning speed and fend off competing suitors will have a chance to win her heart. It’s a refreshing twist on traditional fairy tales, where the hare reminds us that true partnership is built on equality and shared strength.

As an artist, the hare resonates with me on a profound level. It symbolizes the untamed spirit within us all, urging us to embrace our inner power and rewrite the narratives that confine us. This limited edition sculpture is a testament to the timeless allure and inherent magic of the hare. It invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, celebrating the divine feminine within and honoring the extraordinary creatures that grace our world.

The Sculpture

Her curves swoosh and her long, silken ears flow as she turns to look over her shoulder. Her attention caught for a brief moment in the moonlight.

Standing at 44cm, she makes a bold statement and unique conversation starter. The metallic of the bronze shines through her elegant patina, highlighting the movement in the piece and accentuating her feminine curves.

She is one of a series of only 9, individually hot-cast bronzes. Designed to impress and be cherished for years to come.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Approx. Size 44cm height (17″) x 24cm (9.4″) width

Approx. Weight 12.3kg

Shipping Complementary international shipping is provided for my artist bronzes – customers are responsible for any customs and duties on international shipments. Each sculpture will be carefully packed along with their certificate of authentication and guide on how best to look after your investment.

UK delivery – please allow 5 working days. International delivery will take longer but is tracked.

VAT – Price includes VAT at 20% in applicable countries


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bronze hare sculpture

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